Europe Visual Diary

I finally found time to organize my hard drive over the past week. I was sorting through folders filled with unwanted documents, unnecessary downloads and stumbled upon a folder filled with photographs I never thought I would see again. After hours of browsing through each and every single photo, I emerged from almost a trance-like state from having been swept back into the past I thought I have lost. These photos drew me back into the depths of my memory, leaving me with a feeling of nostalgia and a bit of, longing. Lucky for us, we don't have to rely solely on our memories to tell our story. That's the thing about photographs they capture some of our most treasured moments, altering life and holding it still. It's true what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Taken at the right time, one photograph can tell an entire story. Photographs are moments frozen in time that help us remember the details of the past – details our memory, on its own, can't fully preserve. They are visual representations of moments that can help build onto memories, transforming our trip down memory lane into a fuller, more accurate experience. I'm glad that I got to declutter or I wouldn't chance upon all these memories hidden within the corners of my hard drive. I was just planning on organizing them, but I got so fixated with the photos, that I chose a couple, edited them then decided to kill two birds and have them saved here, just in case I lose the copies I have recovered. Here's a peek of some photographs I took back when I was still living in Europe - during the summer of 2013.